Nail trims are sometimes the key to solving so many issues with your dog or cat.  Did you know your pet can suffer from back pain, leg pain or other problems just from having nails that are too long?  While poor nail care can cause pain, it can also cause postural problems that are long term and long quicks in the nails that are hard to treat and look unsightly.  Our team is very well versed in nail trims from regular trimming to DREMEL postural nail trims and even sedated procedures for dogs and cats who just can’t take the sound of that trimmer coming at them.  We make all attempts to use the least invasive methods and the gentlest restraint with each pet.

We know that times are pretty difficult financially for many of you and we’re making things a bit easier by offering a nail trim punch card. Buy three trims and get one free.  We will charge an aggressive pet handling fee if it takes more than one or two people to handle your pet.  A veterinary clinic like Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center in McHenry, Illinois is an ideal place to trim your pet’s nails because  our long term employees have years of experience.

Nail clipping is the basis of good dog and cat posture

Remember, not all animals are going to handle a nail trim, even if they’ve handled it before.  If we can’t do it, it’s for a good reason and the decision of our staff stands.