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Considering adding tender holistic care to your practice but don’t have time to learn?

 Dr. Carlson is available for in-person consultation and offsite consulting on your client’s cases. After many years of study, Dr. Carlson is highly skilled in all aspects of holistic and alternative pet medicine including: acupuncture. Chinese herbs, homeopathy, natural food therapy and natural cancer treatments. Dr. Carlson blends the positive points of both Eastern and Western medicine in a completely custom plan for your patient’s individual needs.

Additionally, Dr. Carlson’s custom holistic testing program helps diagnose typically unknown diseases for which conventional testing doesn’t exist or is not comprehensive enough. The program tests a pet for allergies and sensitivities to 40,000 different allergens and tests every functioning system in a patient’s body.

Dr. Carlson is licensed in Ohio and Illinois and works with patients in these locations:

Riverside Animal Clinic
2904 West IL Route 120, McHenry, IL 60051

Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center
600 N. McHenry RoadBuffalo Grove, IL 60033

The Well Healed Pet of Springfield, Ohio
Call to check availability and schedule an appointment
Springfield, Ohio 45502

Coaching and consultations also available by email, Facetime and Skype.

Our office offers a no poach policy. We won’t take your client or your future revenue. Additionally, referring doctors will receive unlimited email support by Dr. Carlson and his staff.

It has taken Dr. Carlson many years to educate himself and develop these highly successful protocols and procedures in holistic medicine. To protect his dedication and commitment to excellence, Dr. Carlson requires a binding non-competition agreement between his practice and doctors seeking coaching and consultation.

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