Pet dentistry

Let’s get those teeth clean!


Our dentistry program involves a thorough mouth exam with diagnosis and treatment suggestions. When you decide cooperatively with our team how to treat your pet’s teeth and gums we offer cleaning under anesthesia, fillings, extractions, surgeries and gum care.

Riverside Animal Clinic in McHenry also offers dental radiology services which allows our team more information through imaging when handling tough cases such as extractions or gum disease.

Each year our office celebrates Pet Dental Health Month in February with special rates on dental cleanings. Be sure to check our clinic newsletter for more information.


Dental Digital Imaging

Dental X-Rays are the best way to view your pet’s entire tooth structure, just like you would receive at a dentist’s office. This can be very important for pets whose teeth have been known to come in contact with all sorts of interesting things human teeth might not: sticks, bones, rawhide, shoes, rocks and the list goes on.  Riverside Animal Clinic performs quality digital dental imaging before and after dental procedures including extractions. A good baseline radiograph is extremely helpful in indicating your pet’s current dental health and helps our doctors predict future problems.