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Coupons Flea, Tick & Heartworm 2024

Our coupon list for your pet's heartworm, flea and tick medications PLUS food are here! This is the list: Fromm Food or Treats $5 off $10   Farmina Free Nutrition Consultation Interceptor $6-$15 off Your Purchase Iverhart Rewards  Bravecto + Sentinel up to $75 off...

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The Essential Role of Vaccine Risk Assessment and Titer Testing in Pet Healthcare

Vaccine risk assessment involves a personalized approach to determining the most suitable vaccination schedule for each pet, considering factors such as age, lifestyle, and underlying health conditions. By conducting a thorough risk assessment, veterinarians can tailor vaccination protocols to align with individual pets’ specific needs, thus minimizing the potential for overvaccination while ensuring adequate protection against prevalent diseases.

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Elevating Pet Grooming with Nanobubble Technology

At Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center, we are always at the forefront of innovative technologies that enhance the well-being of our beloved pets. We are proud to announce the incorporation of Nanobubble Technology into our grooming services – a groundbreaking advancement that will revolutionize the way we pamper and care for your furry companions.

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CBD Isolate: A Safer Choice for Wellness

In recent years, CBD has become a buzzword in the health, wellness and pet industries. Known for its potential therapeutic benefits, CBD has gained popularity as a natural alternative for managing various conditions. However, with the market flooded with different CBD...

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 Ovary-Sparing Spay – A Holistic Option for Your Pet’s Health

While ovary-sparing spay has several benefits, it’s important to understand the potential downsides. This procedure is more complex and thus may come with a higher cost. Additionally, pets will continue to experience heat cycles, and there’s a slight risk of pyometra, a serious uterine infection.

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Herb of the Week: Mullein Is Hot for Pets

Mullein’s natural antiviral and antibacterial qualities make it a powerful ally in fighting infections. It can provide relief from ear infections in pets by reducing swelling and pain while eliminating harmful bacteria. Applying mullein-infused oil to your pet’s ears can make all the difference in their comfort and recovery.

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