Custom Holistic Testing for pets

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Thank you for choosing Custom Holistic Testing. The goal of testing is to bring your pet’s body back in balance. Custom Holistic Testing goes beyond your pet’s symptoms to the root of the problem. We use software based testing mechanism to find abnormalities that cause imbalances. With the software, we can find out what energy is needed to rebalance your pet’s system and drain the bad energy from your pet’s body.

Imbalances can begin in many ways including: seasonal changes, food sensitivities, allergies or untreated medical conditions.

How Testing Works

We use samples of your pet’s hair, nails, and saliva and place them on a test plate. Our tester then uses a wand in established points across his or her hands and feet. There are 30 different pathways measuring weakness or stress. The measurements are recorded and set against a comprehensive software program that indicates areas of weakness or balance. The program also compares your pet’s samples to 40,000 different allergens. Some areas that are typically not included in a Western diagnosis, such as lymphatics, pituitary, nervous system, and small intestine are given equal status as other major organ systems.

The database recommends treatments from all aspects of holistic medicine. Those recommendations, combined with Dr. Carlson’s years of formal and informal study of holistic medicine, gives is an individualized treatment plan custom made just for your pet. We will also test your pet’s food products outside of our database to evaluate whether the products are beneficial to your pet’s health.

Not sure about all this? You can ask to be present for you pet’s testing. The program may be clarified when combined with the tester’s interpretation and the kinesthetic experience of watching the test unfold in person. Just ask our office staff to book your time to watch. It’s definitely an interesting test and you’ll learn more than you ever though about your pet’s health. 

Customer Spotlight

This beautiful show horse, After Dark, experienced several symptoms of chronic colic, edema and swelling through the girth area and underbelly, pogo-ing movement and a painful, deep hoof abscess. The horse is used as a child’s mount in the hunter/jumper program at a suburban Chicago barn. After testing saliva and hair samples and a holistic examination, it was found After Dark was allergic or sensitive to many of the ingredients in his feed including: flaxseed, sweeteners, corn and other additives. Dr. Carlson customized homeopathic drops for the horse and made some key changes to his diet. After just a week of eating a diet of plain oats and hay, After Dark was back to normal jumping 2’6″ jumps with his 13 year old rider. No more colic, pain, swelling or abscesses and retesting of fresh hair and saliva samples indicates the horse is completely back to balance across all systems. Additionally, After Dark’s movement improved and his stride became longer and smoother. In fact, he and his child rider just won a Grand Champion ribbon!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Holistic Testing

What systems are tested?

The custom test checks all aspects of your pet’s body from the typical to the less typical: major organs, small and large intestine,five lymphatic pathways, four endocrine pathways, two allergy pathways, nervous system, connective tissue, fatty tissue, joints, pancreas, spleen, skin. Additional testing for 40,000 allergens is available.

If my pet’s samples indicate a problem, how do you decide on treatment?

Treatment decisions are based upon database recommendations, disease patterns and symptoms. Systemized integrative therapies are custom formulated for your pet right in our office to balance your pet’s system. Dr. Carlson often blends holistic and conventional treatments for the best outcome for your pet.

What proof do you have that this works?

Results can be verified upon re-testing at three months or the alleviation of the symptoms. At a re-test we run the same test again at a reduced rate. This test will indicate a balanced pet or possibly point out more areas that require holistic care. When balance is achieved, healing with be achieved. Treatment results vary from pet to pet depending on your pet’s current medical condition, the medications it has received throughout its lifetime (such as continuous doses of steroids) and the commitment on the part of the owner to the holistic treatment plan.

How long does it take to get results?

The number of testers we have in our practice is limited to a select few who know and understand the complex operation of the system and have been regularly screened to indicate their fitness for testing samples from our patients. The proper diagnosis can also take research by Dr. Carlson. There is no blanket treatment with this type of testing. Customizing a plan to each animal’s results means a significant number of hours go into each treatment plan.

How fast will it work?

The answer to this is as individual as your pet. Because these results are based solely on your pet’s experience and health condition. 85% of pets experience relief within three months based on our observations in clinic. Some pets get better within a week and some see changes in three months.

Can I get my pet off conventional medication?

It is reasonable to expect your pet will be able to reduce the use of some or all medications depending on his/her rate of response.

What kinds of diseases do you treat?

The most commonly treated pets are those with chronic health problems including: diabetes, Cushing’s disease, allergies, skin problems , gastrointestinal ailments, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disease & chronic ear infections.

How do I receive my results?

You will receive a copy of the test results and the written report via email from our office within two weeks. Personal consults with the doctor can take up to two weeks. Please book your follow up phone call for two weeks from the day samples were submitted. Results will be expedited for pets who are in a health crisis or emergency.

What if my pet isn’t better?

If you feel your pet needs more attention, please request a case review with Dr. Carlson.

Customer Spotlight

Arnold, a 16 year old beloved cat had been on prednisone for inflammatory bowel disease for several years. His vets said came to Riverside with his owner for holistic consultation. “His regular veterinarian and an emergency vet told me there was nothing else they could do for him,” said Arnold’s owner Barbara Jenkins. “I knew there had to be a way to help Arnold so I looked on the Internet and read about Dr. Carlson.” It was a fortunate move for the feline who was losing weight due to his IBD. A diagnosis was made through custom holistic testing for Arnold. “I noticed Arnold was thin and looked like he could put on weight and his overall appearance spoke volumes.  He just wasn’t vibrant,” said Dr. Carlson who prescribed a number of natural alternatives while greatly reducing Arnold’s steroid use. The cat’s treatments included acupuncture, aquapuncture, herbal therapy and Healthy Powder and Vitamin B12 therapy. He feels better and started to regain weight “I thought perhaps too much,” said his owner Barbara Jenkins. Arnold’s most recent tests are all balanced. We are so proud that we can effectively help this dear cat through our holistic program. “I know Arnold will be my last cat as I’m retired and I want him to stay healthy as long as possible. Dr. Carlson worked his magic. Arnold is like a new cat,” said Ms. Jenkins. Glad we could help Arnold and glad your mom did her research!

Holistic Methods Used with Custom Holistic Testing


Acupuncture provides relief for acute pain, emotional distress and chronic illness. Balancing a pet with acupuncture involves placing thin needles along points of the body where energy may be trapped. These points lie along rivers of energy running through the body that are known in Chinese medicine as meridians. Think of meridians as streams of energy that move through the body and nourish your pet’s tissues and organs. By stimulating certain points of reference along the body’s meridians, a pet will feel relief from pain and renewed energy as the body redirects its CHI (life force) to correct deficiencies.

Tui Na

Tui Na is the Traditional Chinese Medicine bodywork system that includes acupressure, physical therapy, chiropractic and osseous manipulation. This treatment feels comforting and combines the benefits of massage with work on tendons, ligaments, joints and the spine. Most holistic appointments will involve some level of Tui Na.

Herbal Therapy

Our doctors use specific herbal compounds to balance and detox the body. Our compounded formulas synchronize your pet’s system and powerfully fight diseases in a highly affordable way. Herbal medications are custom blended to target specific problems and come in powder, capsule or tea pill form. Our practice uses JingTang Herbals and Standard Process whole food supplements. Since herbal compounds can cover multiple issues, many of our patients have been able to stop expensive conventional prescription medicines in favor of a gentler herb.


As part of our custom testing protocol, some of our patients are prescribed custom infused drops for their pets. These drops are made to resolve highly specific problems and are made on a case by case basis as directed by our team of doctors. Homeopathic drops are easy to give to your pet, involving just a few drops in their mouth every day. In addition to being simple to administer, the drops are also highly effective in conditioning your pet’s body and offering support to overcome challenges like: itching, allergies, lymph gland problems and all other aspects outlined in our custom holistic testing program.