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Why Choose Riverside’s Pet Solutions Center for Your Pet’s Needs?
Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center is a fully committed integrative and holistic practice and with that culture in mind, we have committed our store to stocking healthy treats, supplements and food with the fewest ingredients and preservatives. We only stock products we use for our own dogs and cats.
What Treats Do You Recommend?

Among the large selection of treats are Colorado Dog treats. This line of jerky is easy to feed and very tasty. With real meat ranging from venison to alligator to beef these little stick shaped jerkies are an inexpensive treat that can be divided and given a little at a time.

We’re also fans of Northwest Naturals. These freeze dried treats have been a hit in our retail section for several years. For both dogs and cats, the products include our favorite treat of all time: green lipped mussels. Ask our team about green lipped mussels and the important benefits of them.

Other treats available in the pet store
  • TropiCBD – Tremendously popular line with CBD used for calming, joint and muscle pain. Locally produced in Long Grove
  • Fruitables – blending antioxidant rich fruits into a little pop of flavor loved by pets
  • Jones Naturals – Locally produced line of treats and marrow bones made in Rockford
What Foods Do You Recommend?

Our foods are chosen with many considerations in mind. From food allergies, skin disorders, gut health and overall nutrition, our doctors have chosen select foods for your pet. We also offer nutritional consultations according to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and those that go along with our custom holistic testing program.

We are stocking Farmina, Fromm, Ziwi, Northwest Naturals and some Evanger’s brand food. Our stock list is tailored to our patients and their needs and lifestyles. If you’d like us to stock specific brands for you,right here in our McHenry store, please let us know! We’ll be happy to look into it.

How Does Riverside Animal Clinic Stock the Pet Solutions Center?

Our manager has paired the top supplements proven to be effective with the top veterinary grade products on the market. It offers a compare and contrast of what’s available over the counter to work on your pet’s health issues and what’s available from a veterinarian by prescription.

For example, we offer many solutions for GI distress including the holistic preparation DIAGEL, Dog Bloom and Cat Bloom products, probiotics, goat’s milk. We also offer professional grade products including Diagel’s companion Synacore, Royal Canin Veterinary Diets, antibiotics and other options available with a prescription.

“It’s important that we offer quality products for every owner. Every pet owner is looking for solutions. While some people may seek out answers in a pet store setting, our products stand out because they are chosen for quality and effectiveness whether they are over the counter or prescription. Unlike a lot of pet stores, we have years of experience and have worked with many options over the years. We also work as an independent store which means we don’t have to stock or promote products that make a corporation wealthy but we don’t believe in. We choose and we’re here to help you,” said Pet Solutions Center manager Cristen Carlson.

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