Holistic Treatments for pets

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Natural Food Therapy

No area of veterinary medicine is more controversial right now than food. The questions, opinions and options are endless and confusing: Should I feed a raw diet? Should we go grain-free? The answer lies in the fact that it’s impossible to say without a competent, multi-pronged approach.

Dr. Jim Carlson combines years of practical experience, holistic education and custom testing services to determine which food is right for your pet. This is an individualized, custom plan that can help your pet become well.  It’s hard to believe that even well-meaning food companies manufacture foods that can make your pet sick. The problem with them is that they aren’t made CUSTOM for your pet’s individual needs. “One pet may have a sensitivity to something so specific, such as egg yolk, a grain, a fish or a chemical preservative, that just a bit in a food can totally throw off the best intentioned plan,” said Dr. Carlson.

Beware the blanket approach to foods. Just because a food is right for one dog in the house or a friend’s dog doesn’t mean it is right for another one. “The frustrating part, as a practitioner, is that people just don’t know and believe slick marketing plans from food companies. They spend a lot of money that only makes their pet weaker and sick,” said Dr. Carlson. “If you’re looking at a new food you should be looking first at a good exam, custom testing, natural food therapy guidelines and a planned holistic approach to your pet’s health,” said Dr. Carlson.

Custom Holistic Testing

To learn about Custom Holistic Testing visit our Custom Holistic Testing page.

Custom Vaccination Protocol

Never a clinic to offer any kind of cookie cutter medicine, our doctors want to be sure your pet gets the vaccines it needs for prevention of serious diseases without over vaccinating your pet. We ask each owner to fill out a questionnaire that tells us about your pet’s lifestyle, home and environment.   Our vaccinations are based on your responses and your doctor’s specific knowledge of current disease trends.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

For a pet owner, facing cancer treatment decisions for a pet can be daunting.  A combination of strategies both holistic and conventional can work especially well.  Dr. Jim Carlson has had tremendous success working with cancer patients by giving them alternative therapies combined with conventional surgery or medication.  Please make an appointment with Dr. Carlson to discuss your pet’s case.

Ovary Sparing Spay

Pet owners across the United States are continuously reminded to “spay or neuter” their pets. However, spay/neuter at an early age has become a somewhat controversial topic. As a result, a new option is available in a limited capacity in the United States.

Dr. Jim Carlson, owner of Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry and Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center, was the first Illinois veterinarian to offer the ovary sparing spay. Gaining in acceptance first with large dog owners and breeders, the ovary sparing spay offers an alternative to the traditional spay that improves a dog’s health throughout her lifetime.

The ovary sparing spay is different from the regular spay procedure because the ovaries are retained and only the uterus and cervix are removed. The ovaries will continue to provide the dog with medical and health benefits from the protective hormone estrogen. The procedure relieves the pet and owner of the nuisance spay cycle and eliminates the ability for the dog to carry a litter of puppies.

According to Dr. Carlson there are many good reasons for retaining ovaries. “What I like about this surgery is that it addresses population concerns without the impact of hormone loss. We are really at the forefront of what hormone loss means to dogs, especially dogs prone to specific diseases after an early spay including: incontinence, increased cancer risk and bone loss,” said Dr. Carlson.

Please let our office staff know of your interest in the ovary sparing spay when booking your appointment.

Integrative Health Examination

Our goal when examining your pet is to look for ways to improve balance and harmony in your pet’s skin, coat, mouth, eyes, ears and internal organs. Our doctors have a well-trained eye with many years of experience in both holistic and conventional medicine. Our examinations follow the guidelines of the American Animal Hospital Association’s standards for veterinary exams with the added benefit of Eastern medicine’s unique take on how the many systems of a body come together. We want your pet feeling great and an exam by one of our highly experienced doctors is a great start.

Earthing Mat

Earthing is a concept in holistic and alternative health that involves reconnecting your pet’s body with the Earth’s electrons. Here’s how it works: the Earth’s electrons have a negative charge and humans and animals have a positive charge. By spending time connecting to the bare ground or an earthing mat, you can help your pet balance the positive charge it regularly experiences in our human world. The health reducing properties of electrical outlets, cell phone towers, microwaves and other aspects of modern living need balancing, according to Earthing experts. Grounded contact with the Earth is reported to have energy boosting effects, to reduce arthritis pain and symptoms of diseases and is considered to be a miracle from Mother Nature by some. Our earthing mat is available to any patient who is experiencing pain, chronic illness or discomfort. Typically, it is used in conjunction with cold laser therapy.