McHenry’s ONLY Do It Yourself Dog Wash Is Now Open at Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center

It’s dog bath time but you dread it, right?  The dirty wet towels, the smell, cleaning out the tub, rescuing the drain from all that dog hair…. the list goes on.  Now, you can simply step in and step out.  No aching back, wet dog on the couch or slipping on a tile floor.

Our self serve dog wash at Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center helps owners avoid a mess at home with professional products and service. Best of all, no aching back!  Our tanks are standing height for most owners.

Photo of Hank by Kayla Siudak

How does a DIY Dog Wash Work?

It’s simple, bring your dog and leave the mess at home!  Our team provides all the amenities that our clients at Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center have come to love including shampoo, conditioner, fluffy towels, paw balm, breath spray and cologne.  Follow up with a blow out with our brand new high velocity dryers and your dog is as clean as a whistle.  We’ve thought through all the details, making our DIY dog wash easy and convenient.

What skin conditions can the veterinarian help me with at the DIY Dog Wash?

Our trained staff can help direct you to a shampoo that is most helpful to your pet’s skin condition.  Common skin conditions that we see include:



Be sure to click on the links above for more info and photos about these common skin conditions. While we do not offer a medical diagnosis without a clinic appointment, if you know the type of issue your pet has, there are shampoos and masks available for treatment.  Our staff is happy to help you come up with a regime that suits your pet’s needs.  Our veterinary partner, Dechra, promotes skin health with many animal health products.  We like owners to read through their bathing guide for tips before a DIY groom.  Laminated copies of the dog bathing guide are posted at the dog wash. 

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

That depends on your pet’s current skin and coat condition and lifestyle.  If you have a country dog and it’s muddy season, you will need to take extra measures to keep the house clean and keep your pet from developing fungal infections from wet, muddy conditions.  A weekly wash is a very good idea for those dogs.  If you have an urban/suburban dog, outdoor time may be less messy than country dogs.  However, a clean, odor free dog is also a top priority.  In this scenario, if your pet has some flaky skin, a shedding coat or is recovering from fleas, a bi-weekly wash is a good idea and you may want to consider adding in a nail trim or anal gland expression for your pet, too.

Does Bathing Help Prevent Hot Spots?

Hot spots are a painful, raw wound that is prompted by either a trauma or something that causes your dog to itch like allergies or flea bites.  Getting to know your pet’s allergy triggers is important and prevention and quick treatment of allergies and skin conditions will help prevent hot spots.  Keeping your dog clean and shedding out undercoat is also important.  Areas of built up hair that knot or snarl are painful on their own, uncomfortable and hot.  When the undercoat isn’t groomed or clean, it’s another source for infection or itching.  High velocity blow dryers like the dryers in our dog wash help rid your pet of undercoat as does regular brushing.

Exclusive Deal on DIY Self Serve Dog Wash

Right now, while cards last, Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center offers a buy 3 get the 4th free punch card for dog washes.  That should take you right through summer with a clean dog every month!

Our grooming patient, Chucky.

Need help finding us? Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center, owned by Dr Jim D Carlson DVM CVA CVT, is open at 1112 Front Street, McHenry, IL 60050.  Riverside is located in the former Overton Cadillac or Gary Lang Building directly across Highway 31 from Walgreen’s and kitty corner from CVS Pharmacy