The popular Veterinarian Camp returns to Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center for summer camp season 2021 in McHenry, Illinois

The annual summer camp took 2020 off due to COVID19 but it’s back and better than ever!  The biggest change is the large building Riverside Animal Clinic now occupies at 1112 Front Street.  The former car dealership across Highway 31 from Walgreens is an ideal location for group events including Veterinarian Camp.  Now known as the Healthy Pet Lifestyle Campus, the clinic now boasts a large indoor dog park, new clinic, pet store and coming soon our dog day care with swimming.

Everyone Wants to Be a Vet When They Grow Up

The summer camp features a three hour window of educational opportunities for ages 8-11.  Elementary school aged children love the idea of working with animals for the rest of their lives. Most kids love the idea of becoming a veterinarian when they grow up.  This gives kids a peek into what happens in the veterinary clinic, other career opportunities in the clinic setting, hands on learning and lots of pet playtime.

Schedule Of Events for Veterinarian Camp 2021

9 AM Registration & Get to Know the Pets

9:20 Animal Yoga

9:30  Group Breakout into Learning Stations – Learning stations are divided up into 7-9 individual groups.  Those include radiology, heart and lungs, careers, laboratory, grooming, pet store play area, pretend vet clinic, pony care and others

10:45 AM Snack which will be chips and a Capri Sun type drink or water bottle.  If your child requires something else, let us know.  We will also offer fresh veggies with ranch this year.

11 AM – Art Project – This year we will be doing watercolors

11:30 AM Dog Bite Prevention Video and Role Play

11:45 Pony Time

Noon Dismissal

Veterinarian Camp Fees Help Fund Vulnerable Equines

Proud Ponies Equine Rescue works to help vulnerable horses, ponies and donkeys.  The Harvard, Illinois – based operation is run by Avery Carlson.  Avery has rescued 36 equines and rehomed many.  Many will stay on her families farm for the rest of their lives, however long or short that may be.  An excellent rider and skilled ground worker, Avery is 20 years old and a college student.  She has decided to use the funds from Veterinarian Camp enrollment fees to find a pony in need.  The pony will be trained for lessons and community outreach on the family’s farm.  Kids will be able to follow the pony’s progress on Proud Ponies Equine Rescue’s Facebook page or may consider enrolling in lessons or farm tours to visit the pony.

Proud Ponies sanctuary horse, Emma, was severely burned in a fire.  Emma was retrained to ride by Avery Carlson and now lives a great life with special daily care for her condition.

Veterinarian Camp is $30. Please enroll online at

If your child is a bit outside the age group, its still OK to register.