Your Pet on Pot

Don’t worry, we’ve heard this one before!

Someone got into the stash? If it’s your pet and your stash was marijuana then you’ve got a veterinary emergency that needs immediate attention!

With the legalization of marijuana coming soon to the region, it’s important to know about safe storage of the drug and its effect on your pet. Dogs and cats will naturally be curious about a new item with a unique odor or a fun texture such as a marijuana gummy.

If you’re going to keep pot in the home you’ve got to plan the storage method. Using a chew proof container like sealed glass. Keeping the drug in an upper cabinet will keep your dog and curious cat away from it.

Your pet can experience many side effects of this drug and it is a medical emergency. Dr. Jim Carlson, owner and holistic veterinarian at Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center of McHenry, Illinois contributed to an article on PetMD regarding marijuana and pets. Click here for more on that story.

One big takeaway from the article is the need to inform your doctor and care team of the marijuana ingestion. Don’t worry, as we point out in our WoofWoof MeowMeow Vet Advice podcast, your honesty is the most important thing!

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