Super Affordable Wellness Testing for Dogs & Cats

Feb 6, 2020

We’ve added some super affordable wellness testing for our patients. Through April 15th, bring in your pet for an exam with holistic veterinarian Dr. Jim Carlson and pay the affordable price of just $115 for a CBC/Chem, urinalysis and heartworm test. We are excited to pass along this savings to our clients and hope that everyone will take advantage of it.

You will need to bring samples of urine and fecal matter with you. These items all have to go out as a bundle so we can’t accept them later. It’s not us, it’s the lab rule. We can only run these as a package so we can’t split it up.

Our offer is valid thru April 15th and may be extended for our clients. We’ll let you know but now is a great time to come in to take advantage of this affordable lab work for your dog or cat.

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