Dr. Jim Carlson for Petco.com

Aug 8, 2019

I know a lot of you shop at Petco and so do I. I was really excited to contribute to one of the recent stories on Petco’s website.

We’ve been busy all summer discussing the importance of year round flea and tick protection. The diseases from these bugs can infect humans so you need to be careful. Some of them include: bartonella, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, erlichia, Lyme, anaplasmosis.

I spoke with Petco.com about the tick lifecycle, an important thing to know since fall is coming and many owners think they won’t see anymore fleas or ticks if it’s cooler. There are cycles with those little critters and it’s never fun to realize you have fleas in JANUARY, right?

OK so here’s my article with Petco. Have questions? Let me know what you think!

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