Dr. Carlson on MarthaStewart.com

Feb 17, 2020

How do you bathe a dog that doesn’t like a bath?

That’s a really good question! Bathing can be such a difficult chore when your dog hates taking a bath. But the way to get this one done is to have some patience, planning and acclimating your pet to the sensations they will feel in the tub. Just do it a little at a time, said Dr Jim Carlson of Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center.

Why do dogs hate baths anyway? Because they love to smell! Really, it’s that simple. The reason your dog hates to be clean is based off an awful lot of long, long history. It’s in a dog’s nature to hide from prey and other predators. They do this by NOT smelling like a dog. You know how your pet likes to roll around outside in awful smelling stuff? There isn’t a dog who isn’t happy after that. Well, it’s just the way nature made them. In fact, if you’ve ever smelled a coyote pass your home, you’ll know that they are masters of covering up any kind of clean smell. In fact, you can’t miss the stench of a wild canine, nor will you forget it. That’s just who your dog wants to be. Doesn’t work so well in a home environment, though.

How can I make may dog’s bath easier? There are some great takeaways in this article from MarthaStewart.com featuring Dr. Jim Carlson, holistic veterinarian and owner of Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center. Here’s the link. It’s essential to keep things fun and start early by teaching your pet your expectations. Work together as a team with your dog to accomplish an easier bath time.

Bath time is a great time to have fun, get clean, offer treats and pets to your dog. What a great way to bond!

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