American Adventure indoor dog park

A place to let your furry friends play

McHenry County’s only indoor dog park features a beautiful koi pond, mini Fort McHenry, a wagon to climb in and a large open play space for dogs and owners who want to have fun.

Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center’s commitment to natural lifestyle management of dogs is the catalyst for the indoor dog park.  “The opportunity to provide all of a pet’s needs in one place is a long term goal for our practice,” said Dr. Jim Carlson, owner of Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center. “Nearly every dog we see needs more exercise and more bonding time with their owner.  It naturally improves relationships.  Now, we have a dedicated space that enhances your bond with your pet through play.”  

Harsh weather also makes exercising pets hazardous and difficult for owners.  Our climate controlled space offers a safe environment free of cold temperatures, wind and even summer heat and sun.  

The park’s hours are 630 AM -630 PM.  Training classes and specialized pet get-togethers are expected after 6:30 PM. 

The indoor dog park is one of many features at the new Healthy Pet Lifestyle Campus located at the corner of Highway 31 and 120 in McHenry.  Community members may recognize the 1112 Front Street location as the former Gary Lang Auto or Next Auto shop.  In addition to the American Adventure Indoor Dog Park, the campus is home to Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center – a nationally renowned animal hospital featuring the care of holistic veterinarian Dr. Jim Carlson.  The holistic pet store at the Healthy Pet Lifestyle Campus earmarks the top veterinary and holistic diets, medications, herbal therapies, supplements and frozen products for dogs and cats.  The campus will also open the Zoom Zoom Room dog day care with daily swim opportunities, golf cart rides, training and enriching activities.  

Our American Adventure theme is chosen by our team who are instrumental in developing our park obstacles.  The frontier theme is meant to be a fun look into the past and features an American inspired photo backdrop for pictures. 

American Adventure Indoor Dog Park pricing

Member Pricing

  • 6 months $44.99 with auto billing 
  • 6 months $49.99 pay as you go
  • 5 day pass $34.99
  • Day Pass $10  
  • Class Pass $5 per dog

Tentative Schedule

  • 7 AM- 8 AM  Bright n Early Free Play
  • 8-9 AM  Senior time – a safe place for seniors to walk with their pets and connect with other pet owners.  Coffee provided
  • 9 -12 PM  Free Play
  • 12-12:30 Cleaning time
  • 12:30-5  Free play
  • 5-6:30 PM  Reconnect With Your Pet – A list of suggested activities you can do with your pet at the dog park to reestablish your bond after your day out. 
  • 6:30 PM. Nightly activities and training as listed on our Facebook Page “American Adventure Indoor Dog Park” 

Rules and Restrictions

  • All dogs require basic obedience skills and free behavior testing by our team before admission to the dog park.  Appointments may be made online by emailing
  • All dogs require a second behavioral analysis during their first visit when other dogs are present. 
  • Dogs who do not pass the basic behavior analysis will not be admitted to the facility.  Dogs may retest at the facility every 60 days. 
  • Some dogs may be allowed on leash only at the discretion of our team.

For all rules and restrictions, please click here.

To view a waiver of liability, please visit our office at 1112 Front Street.

Vaccination Requirements for Zoom Zoom Room and American Adventure Indoor Dog Park

The Healthy Pet Lifestyle Campus provides health care and lifestyle services to pets throughout the United States.  In an effort to keep all pets healthy and feeling good, our dog park and daycare vaccine and health plan criteria are as follows:

  • Current rabies vaccination 1 year or 3 year
  • Distemper/parvo vaccination or titer test results 1 year or 3 year
  • Bordetella vaccination every 6 months
  • Intestinal Parasite Screen every 6 months
  • All dogs must have a current intestinal parasite screen (every 6 months) and flea and tick medication. 

All dog park members may receive a 10% discount on needed vaccinations and testing for the dog park or day care. Just ask our team for more info.

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