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Dr. Carlson on

How do you bathe a dog that doesn't like a bath? That's a really good question! Bathing can be such a difficult chore when your dog hates taking a bath. But the way to get this one done is to have some patience, planning and acclimating your pet to the sensations they...

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Super Affordable Wellness Testing for Dogs & Cats

We've added some super affordable wellness testing for our patients. Through April 15th, bring in your pet for an exam with holistic veterinarian Dr. Jim Carlson and pay the affordable price of just $115 for a CBC/Chem, urinalysis and heartworm test. We are excited to...

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#Freebie Friday at Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center

We've started a thing... #FreebieFriday! This week get a sample of our very favorite Bloom products. Take two, in fact, and enjoy! These products are fantastic. Future FreebieFriday items at Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center: January 17: BOGO Cleaning...

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Dr. Carlson in US News & World Report

Makayla recently spent the day at Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center learning about her career options in veterinary medicine. Our experienced assistants, Nancy and Cari were happy to show Makalya the ropes! Advises Future Veterinary School Students Dr Jim...

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WoofWoof MeowMeow Vet Advice Podcast E12

Insurance Needs for Your Pet, Acupuncture & Bladder Stone Treatments The latest episode of Dr Carlson's WoofWoof MeowMeow Vet Advice Podcast includes details on the little dog who received acupuncture with Dr. Carlson and started walking during treatment. Click...

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How To Treat Your Dog’s Ear Infection

By Cristen Carlson and Dr. Jim Carlson, Holistic Veterinarian Photo by Jim Kalligas/Unsplash Dog ear infections are a top reason for veterinary visits.  A lot of people don’t want to or can’t afford a vet visit for ear infections in their dogs.  However, the head...

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Current Meds for Dog Nausea

When I was a kid I got a show dog. He was a beautiful German Shepherd, Huggie Bear. I couldn't wait to show him off at my 4H dog training program. Problem was.... he couldn't get there or anywhere else without vomiting in the car. We had to learn to take special...

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Your Pet on Pot

Don't worry, we've heard this one before! Someone got into the stash? If it's your pet and your stash was marijuana then you've got a veterinary emergency that needs immediate attention! With the legalization of marijuana coming soon to the region, it's important to...

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Do Dogs Show Empathy To Other Dogs?

You've probably seen dogs cuddle up together and take a nap. But have you ever wondered if their naps together could be the expression of a deeper type of connection? One that's almost human? The question of what dogs feel toward one another in the realm of empathy...

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