5 Star Review

We have been going to Dr. Carlson for over 2 years… this is the most amazing animal hospital that I have ever brought my fur babies to.  I currently have 7 cats and 2 cane corsos and this team goes above and beyond for me!  And that includes the vet techs and receptionists, too.  I rate the whole team 5 stars hands down!!!  – Michele M.


Holistic Results for Two Beloved Pets

I really would like to thank your help the past four months with Noodle and Chewy.  With the advice from Dr. Carlson, accurate IHT testing results, and holistic drops Chewy seems much younger then a nine year old.  Noodle came to you four months ago in bad shape as his immune system was depleted and now he is full of fire again.  Thanks for healing my dogs. – Bryan

Improved Skin and Vitality in Senior Pet

Zoey is a 13 year old Weimeraner who came to Dr. Carlson covered in skin tumors and suffering from arthritis pain.  Her owners reported that she had declining energy that limited her daily life and changed her behavior.  Dr. Carlson used custom holistic testing to determine Zoey’s specific imbalances.  Cold laser, which provides a combination analgesic and inflammation relieving effect, was used to help Zoey’s arthritis.

Custom holistic testing revealed Zoey had endocrine deficiencies.  Custom homeopathic drops were infused for Zoey.  We are happy to report the homeopathy and cold laser worked for this dog and her attitude has changed for the better.  When she visits us now, you can see her spunk is back and she enjoys her visits with Twitch.

Zoey’s second custom holistic test was run 6 months from the first and she was completely balanced.  “Zoey’s overall health has really improved since starting to see Dr. Carlson. Her fatty tissue masses have shrunk, her coat has regained its soft shiny texture and her gastro intestinal issues have stopped. We are extremely pleased with our experiences with Dr. Carlson and his staff at Grove,” said her owners Mr. & Mrs. Krieberg.

Holistic Success story by Dr. Jim Carlson


Max was seen at an emergency room for paralysis of his front legs.  His owner thought he could have injured himself when he jumped off of a piece of furniture.  The options by a conventional vet were expensive specialty surgery or euthanasia.  Max’s owner declined both options and made an appointment with Dr. Carlson.   With the use of the cold laser, acupuncture and herbal treatments, Max was off his pain medication in just four days and doing great after three treatments.  There is some residual effect of the paralysis but he’s able to go about daily life now.  In total, Max has had 5 acupuncture and laser treatments. Here’s a video showing Max following his third round of acupuncture.


Holistic Success for Unusual Illness

Julian was very ill. He had numerous symptoms for months that no veterinarian was able to diagnose: lethargy, limp tail, an open wound and labored breathing. Julian even saw a specialist who could not diagnose him. His owners spent about $2500 for his medications while trying to get a diagnosis.  That diagnosis, Rift Valley Fever, was unexpected and difficult to treat.

Rift Valley Fever is a fungal disease that is prevalent in desert type regions. Not many veterinarians in the Midwest know about the disease or how to treat it.  In fact, it was Julian’s breeder in Arizona who suggested RVF as a possibility, leading to his diagnosis. Dr. Carlson saw Julian in Dec 2014 when the Akita was on numerous conventional medications.  Dr. Carlson suggested custom holistic testing which showed several specific findings that supported RVF.  He prescribed two herbal remedies  and custom homeopathic drops for Julian.

Within 3 months of herbal and homeopathic therapy, Julian was off all of his conventional medications, including anti-fungal medications.  His last holistic test was completely balanced; Julian now takes no medication and is like a new dog.  “Dr. Carlson truly cured him of his fungal disease. We wouldn’t have the happy, healthy dog we do today, if it weren’t for Dr. Carlson,” said his owners, Jackie & Brian.

Reviews of Dr. Carlson

“This Dr. Carlson is the kindest man to ever touch my animals.” –Yahoo Review

“He talked to me, not down to me, and addressed all my concerns…. If only our general medical community were as astute.” – Yelp Review

“I recommend Dr. C to everyone! I just did again this morning!” – Facebook Review

“Dr. Carlson is the best vet I have ever taken any of my dogs to- we are very holistic and he does not ‘scold’ me for my views like others have. He took great care of Fluffy.” -Facebook Review.

Hello All:  

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how very happy I am that I changed vets the day before surgery for Shayna. That was a big move to do in so little time. I so appreciate your professionalism combined with a whole lot of compassion. You all truly care not only about the pet but about the owner too!!!!  In this day and age it seems so many medical facilities are just a number, but not at Grove Animal Hospital. Kudos to Sarah, Cynthia and of course you Dr. Carlson. THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Lori & Shayna



Thank you Testimonials


Great experience here brought my shar pei mix in for having weird seizures randomly and felt at ease after talking with the doctor! We did a full panel of blood work and turned out everything looked ok. Doctor told me to keep track of when he had them and stay in touch. So far no more! Very happy with the service here!!

Ashleigh N, McHenry, IL. -Yelp Review


Riverside Animal Clinic provides full support to our family pets focusing on both mind and body. Our mini Dachshund and my Labrador have a better quality of life thanks to their help when choosing the right treatment for them. Their staff is very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. We can’t be any happier.

Lillian Schaff -Facebook Review 


Dr Carlson and his staff are great! His holistic approach and cutting edge testing have done wonders for my dog. Highly recommend!

Amy Ann. -Facebook Review

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