Hi Reem: I read your review on Facebook and quickly posted an apologetic reply to you. I’m not sure why you would cut off our ability to respond to you or why someone would ever be so angry as to not accept a sincere apology for your experience. You were, indeed, offered a time to speak with the doctor in an after hours, complementary phone call.  I have to admit feeling confused after sending you an apologetic response, thanking you for feedback and fixing the issue you edited your post to include a rather uncalled for nasty message and blocked people from seeing our reply.  But since we need to be heard, we have to use our platform to do so.

“recently brought in my dog because of possible bladder infection. she was a new patient. Dr Carlson very nice and attentive. he ordered blood work and urinalysis. both came back abnormal. he took the time to email the results. Gave a diagnosis and possibly recommendations. which is great but still had questions that was found on her blood work which he didnt mentioned anything in his email. I reached 4x to no call back. today I finally spoke to someone who said I can set up a voice meeting with the Dr. but won’t be till weds. I received the blood work June 27th and with me reaching out 4x find unacceptable. He took the time to type up the email but couldn’t make time to return my calls. I realize some of you had good experiences but I find this upsetting.
wished I looked up at first on google the negative responses. how this clinic responded was so unprofessional.”
I added the final two sentences today and screenshot this image.  We would appreciate a mature, calm discussion in person with you when you are feeling up to it.  The events in this review, I believe, did happen but we would appreciate your time to come to a resolution with you, rather than ending our long term relationship in this manner.