OUR GOAL :  The best dog dog care in McHenry

Canines are crazy for the new rec center for dogs in development at Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center in McHenry, Illinois.  Our fun building offers day care starting July 6th, 2021.  At a cost of $27 per day,  the day care center will open under the direction of longtime pet professional Megan Heffernan whose goals for dogs are fun, safety and friendliness.

The canine rec center features a pool for dogs with installation expected in July.  With daily swims at day care, the group environment offers fitness and structured training.  Group swims during day care cost $12.  All dogs are welcome to test out the pool and a mini pool is also available for dogs who want to splash rather than swim.  Life vests are offered to new and less fit swimmers.

Riverside offers a structured approach to day care.  Our team loves spending time with dogs and enhancing their lives in ways that work for their family.  Day care attendees take part in a structured schedule that includes playtime, swim, snack/lunch, nap, playtime with a focus on fitness and learning.  “If we can teach tricks or make dogs use the thinking side of their brain, we’re happy to keep them engaged and working through their day providing more stimulation and reward than just a typical play center,” said Cristen Carlson, General Manager of Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center’s Day Care.

The clinic features curbside drop off in the morning on Tuesday July 6th.  Extensively renovating its new space at 1112 Front Street, McHenry, clinic owner Dr. Jim Carlson wants an environment that serves two purposes, safe exercise space and engagement.  “Play is fun, but if we can start to give dogs meaning in their day, they start to look forward to learning.  Providing rewards is important and engaging dogs to please their owners through meaningful connection with providers is an important step to a more holistic life,” said Carlson.

Swims will cost an additional $12 for a group swim.  Private swimming will be offered to clients and the public as well.

Dog Day Care Cost

$27 full day with $12 group swim in morning only.  6:30 AM – 6:30 PM

$18 Half day with $12 group swim in morning only.  Schedule 6:30 AM to 1 PM pick up time.

Discounts on Multi-visit Punch Cards – group swim requires separate payment at time of service

Half Day Punch Card Saves $60                                          Full Day Punch Card Saves $60                               10 Day Swim Card Saves $21

$300 for 20 half days                                                             $480 for 20 full days of care                                      $99

Want to join Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center’s Day Care and Group Swim?

Just call us for a free half day of day care with evaluation.  We’re happy to introduce your dog to new friends starting in July!  Call the office at 815-344-7716 and ask for Megan.



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