New Holistic Testing Gives Inside Glimpse into Life of Equine Burn Survivor


Emma, the slaughter bound equine burn survivor living with Dr. Carlson’s family is starting to turn a corner after the devastating accident that burned 60% of her left side and hindquarters. Dr. Carlson presented Emma’s case at the Midwest Horse Fair and discussed new findings of Emma’s recent custom holistic test.  After recently upgrading the software and receiving training last week, Dr. Carlson chose to look at Emma’s current state.  The results of this test show an incredibly sensitivity on the part of the software system to read and predict Emma’s current state of mind and the supplements she needs to improve her health and mental state.

There are the results from Emma’s Custom Holistic Test.  You’ll notice on the base screening the top three things that are currently problematic for Emma.  This includes her connective tissues as you would expect with the considerable damage to her skin from first, second and third degree burns including muscle involvement.  Her endocrine system, kidneys and small intestine are chronically stressed.  At this time, she shows some sensitivities to a few items including her favorite, apples, so it’s recommended to eliminate those items from her diet. She will be SO sad about the apples!



What’s really striking in this custom test is the Bach Flower Remedies recommended for Emma.   You’ll notice four: Star of Bethlehem, crabapple, water violet and oak.  Here’s a rundown from the Bach website of the items recommended in the software system to clear Emma’s complicated emotions:

Star of Bethlehem: given for shock.  The trauma Emma sustained is showing up here and no doubt it was a severe shock and trauma to her system.

Crabapple: Indicates Emma is focusing on the scars she has.  There is nothing more that Emma likes than looking good and being groomed.

Water Violet: Indicates a “stiff upper lip” according to Bach’s website. This is a strong personality and Emma definitely has had to be strong to survive and overcome her situation

Oak: This is needed for Emma’s strong personality, ability to overcome diversity.  She has been so incredibly strong and determined to live.


Emma has come a long way in the healing process. Her burns are starting to dry and become more stable on a day to day basis. She’s very sweet and loves attention. The feeling is that by using the Bach Flower Remedies in Emma’s treatment plan it can help calm this horse who has been through severe shock and trauma and still represents a personality that is surviving.  Sometimes Emma can be difficult to handle because she is so strong, determined and Type A.  A definitely personality she needed to live through that hell in the kill pen, running through an auction burned with no pain relief.   A combination of conventional and holistic medicine was used to help Emma so far and we will now add in the recommended products on the top photo of her recent MSA scan.  To stay updated on Emma’s condition, please follow her Facebook page, Emma On Her Way Equine Burn Survivor Rehab.

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