Dr. Jim Carlson Featured on PetMD.com

Just wanted to share Dr. Carlson’s latest feature on PetMD.com. Dr. Carlson, owner of Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry, is a leading national authority on a wide range of pet health care topics. Dr. Carlson practices holistic medicine at Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry and Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center in Buffalo Grove, IL. Here’s a … Continued

Dr Jim Carlson On Human Vitamins For Pets

Riverside Animal Clinic’s Dr. Jim Carlson Featured on PetMinerals.com Our friends over at www.petminerals.com have some great blog posts about intriguing pet care questions. This week, it’s whether pets should ever take human vitamins. Surprisingly, we get that question on occasion! Here’s PetMinerals.com’s post featuring Dr. Carlson right here. If you’re feeding your dog a … Continued

Use Caution with OTC Meds

Benadryl is safe for dogs if you follow these guidelines from Dr. Jim Carlson of Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center located in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. Benadryl is a popular over the counter medication for humans that relieves itching and other signs of an allergy attack. Benadryl is also safe for dogs and cats according … Continued

Dangerous Plant: Foxtail Is Perilous For Pets

Foxtail is a common plant but its sticky barbs are not at all pet friendly. The photo above is Foxtail and that’s what you’re looking for when out walking your dog. Those clusters are full of barbs which can attach to your dog, be inhaled, snorted or stuck in the eye or ear. “Foxtail is … Continued

Dr. Jim Carlson Featured on ThisDogsLife.com

Your Pet’s Healthy Gut Nothing gets a pet owner running to the vet more quickly than a gastrointestinal issue. In fact, it’s a leading cause of a veterinary visit in both dogs and cats. But did you know your pet’s bad breath might come from the gut? It isn’t just a lack of toothbrushing that … Continued

Dr Carlson Featured on PetMD.com

Dr Carlson has a few things to say about an often overlooked family breed, the greyhound. This great breed has a lot of loveability! Noted as laid back and incredibly athletic, the greyhound likes to also just lie around the house being a pet. Here’s the article on PetMD.com. Interested in adopting a greyhound? Check … Continued

Dr Carlson on PetCoach.co

Dr. Jim Carlson, owner and holistic veterinarian at Riverside Animal Clinic of McHenry, Illinois was recently interviewed by PetCoach. Dr Carlson offers some great advice about spring cleaning with pets in the house. From his unique perspective as a leader in holistic veterinary medicine, Dr Carlson discusses the impact of traditional cleaning agents on your … Continued

Disaster Season – Prepare Your Pet Now

During a recent intense January cold snap in Northern Illinois, Dr. Jim Carlson opened his practices up to the community’s animals when their owners faced displacement due to the -35F weather.  “There were many shelters set up for humans but none could take animals. Many people would rather stay home in very cold weather with … Continued

Veterinarian Camp 2019 Date Announced at Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry

Popular Camp Date Set for Summer 2019 Hi! Our Veterinarian Camp Date for 2019 will be Wednesday, June 12th! Campers can expect to enjoy a fun filled few hours of everything animal: pet care, grooming, laboratory, pretend veterinary clinic and patient care with lots of real life animals to love! Camp is appropriate for ages 8-11 … Continued