Dr. Jim Carlson Featured on PetMD.com

Just wanted to share Dr. Carlson’s latest feature on PetMD.com. Dr. Carlson, owner of Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry, is a leading national authority on a wide range of pet health care topics. Dr. Carlson practices holistic medicine at Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry and Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center in Buffalo Grove, IL. Here’s a … Continued

Disaster Season – Prepare Your Pet Now

During a recent intense January cold snap in Northern Illinois, Dr. Jim Carlson opened his practices up to the community’s animals when their owners faced displacement due to the -35F weather.  “There were many shelters set up for humans but none could take animals. Many people would rather stay home in very cold weather with … Continued

Veterinarian Camp 2019 Date Announced at Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry

Popular Camp Date Set for Summer 2019 Hi! Our Veterinarian Camp Date for 2019 will be Wednesday, June 12th! Campers can expect to enjoy a fun filled few hours of everything animal: pet care, grooming, laboratory, pretend veterinary clinic and patient care with lots of real life animals to love! Camp is appropriate for ages 8-11 … Continued

Neuro Care for Your Aging Dog

Our family has a dog, Lily, who started exhibiting some troubling behaviors. Over a long period of time things started to change, so though I know what to look for, it sort of sneaked up on me, too. It started with sudden anxiety during storms. She was afraid of them which in turn culminated into … Continued

Google Review Response Cabrales

Hello All. We take reviews of our practice seriously. When we receive one that we don’t agree with, we research any changes that could be made to our services, our processes and our facility. Our team is concerned and perplexed about a review posted by Alicia Cabrales today on Google. Her version of events and … Continued

New Holistic Testing Gives Inside Glimpse into Life of Equine Burn Survivor

  Emma, the slaughter bound equine burn survivor living with Dr. Carlson’s family is starting to turn a corner after the devastating accident that burned 60% of her left side and hindquarters. Dr. Carlson presented Emma’s case at the Midwest Horse Fair and discussed new findings of Emma’s recent custom holistic test.  After recently upgrading … Continued

Responsible Pet Owner Month: Divorce and Pet “Custody”

Who gets the kids? The house? The car? And…. the dog?  The long important question of how to settle custody disputes over family pets during a split now has a concrete foundation.  The State of Illinois now allows pets to be considered for sole or joint ownership during divorce proceedings.  The new law, effective January … Continued

Healing Through Holistic Medicine: Sundowner Syndrome

Cloud enjoyed most days romping with her owner around a horse farm. She’d been happy her whole life and well-loved.  With at least one long daily walk and many adventures weekly, Cloud was a well-adjusted and very well cared for Australian Shepherd.  With gorgeous blue eyes and a wavy gray merle coat, Cloud was admired … Continued

Collaborative Vaccine Protocols for Kittens at Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry

  Kittens need a series of vaccines starting at 8 weeks. However, we believe the need to vaccinate after that is complex and should be a collaborative effort between you and your veterinarian. That includes a comprehensive vaccine risk assessment, doctor recommendations and consideration of county or city laws. Will your cat really need all … Continued

GingerLead Helps Dogs with Loss of Hind Limb Use

Just like people are living longer lives so are dogs. The reasons are similar: better diets and better medical care. But age can come with mobility problems for pets just as it does for humans. Riverside Animal Clinic of McHenry now offers GingerLead products. This mobility product is needed when a dog experiences back pain, … Continued