Collaborative Vaccine Protocols for Kittens at Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry

  Kittens need a series of vaccines starting at 8 weeks. However, we believe the need to vaccinate after that is complex and should be a collaborative effort between you and your veterinarian. That includes a comprehensive vaccine risk assessment, doctor recommendations and consideration of county or city laws. Will your cat really need all … Continued

GingerLead Helps Dogs with Loss of Hind Limb Use

Just like people are living longer lives so are dogs. The reasons are similar: better diets and better medical care. But age can come with mobility problems for pets just as it does for humans. Riverside Animal Clinic of McHenry now offers GingerLead products. This mobility product is needed when a dog experiences back pain, … Continued

Successful Dog Rescue at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center

We are happy to report the little dog that was advertised for sale for $30 on the Buffalo Grove Virtual Garage Sale Facebook page was relinquished at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center after the owner was contacted by Mrs. Carlson, manager of Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center.  “Cristen always finds a way to … Continued

Grove Team Leader Joins Rotary

    Cristen Carlson, manager of Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center, was recently accepted into membership of the Buffalo Grove Rotary Club.  Rotary is a group of community leaders donating their time and talent to promote the local community and help with needs in the area.  If you would like to become involved in … Continued

Vet Camp Photos, Workshop Photos and Much More

HI: We’d like to introduce you to our clinic with our new slide show. Here’s some extra info about our doctors, family, pets and our recent happenings. We’ve been BUSY and we want to show you how much fun we’ve been having as the owners of Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center. – The Carlson … Continued

Second Opinion

Sometimes things just don’t feel right when you leave your regular doctor’s office. Whatever the case, a second opinion from a doctor who is educated in both conventional and holistic medicine brings a fresh perspective.  Dr. Jim Carlson treats all cases and particularly likes the challenge of “tough cases” and those that have run the … Continued

Rodent Ulcers

Our cat Cumulus spends enormous amounts of time outdoors. A prolific hunter, Cumulus enjoys spending his days stalking mice and has been known to take down a rat or two.  Nothing phases him, even though his long, white, cotton soft coat make him look more princely than his down and dirty rat killing moments in the … Continued