GingerLead Helps Dogs with Loss of Hind Limb Use

Just like people are living longer lives so are dogs. The reasons are similar: better diets and better medical care. But age can come with mobility problems for pets just as it does for humans. Riverside Animal Clinic of McHenry now offers GingerLead products. This mobility product is needed when a dog experiences back pain, surgery or leg issues that keep it from using its hind limbs to walk. The GingerLead fits by supporting the abdomen and lifts the pet from the bottom of the belly up. Unlike a towel, the GingerLead has convenient handles for the owner to use while assisting the dog in walking.  Riverside Animal Clinic of McHenry carries GingerLead in tall female, tall male, large, medium and small sizes in both male and female. Please call ahead for availability as this product is typically sold in emergency, surgical or critical care situations and may be sold quickly before a reorder is made.

The GingerLead can be especially helpful for dogs undergoing treatment for loss of use in the hind limbs.  Dr.Jim Carlson,veterinarian at Riverside Animal Clinic, offers a series of acupuncture and holistic treatments for pets with hind limb loss of use and has restored many animals to full function in the hind limbs.  “Even in cases of paralysis, it is possible to gently restore a pet to a fully functioning life with natural means.  The GingerLead helps animals with paralysis or back injury stay upright with assistance and keeps them mobile,” said Dr.Carlson.  See more on Dr Carlson’s patient Bella who was successfully restored to full health after paralysis:

The GingerLead is featured in the pet store at Riverside Animal Clinic. The store opened in June 2017 and provides high quality, veterinary approved holistic products, surgical recovery garments, ecollars, natural and humanely raised treats and many varieties of raw, non GMO kibble for cats and dogs.


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